School Counseling

757 825-4531

All 7th Grade Students

8th Grade Students with a last name beginning with A-J

757 825-4536

All 6th Grade Students

8th Grade Students with the last name beginning with K-Z

Welcome to the School Counseling Department!

Professional School Counselors

Your school counselors provide counseling services to all students by grade level to our 6th and 7th-grade students and alphabet for 8th grade. Mrs. Mann's office is located in the 6th-grade pod, Room 301. Ms. Hankerson's office is located upstairs in the 7th-grade hallway, Room 214. Our school counseling secretary is Mrs. Hellman, and she is in the main office. Students should receive a pass from their teacher to see their counselors.

We look forward to serving your student at any time throughout the school year on a variety of issues. These can be conflict mediation, scheduling, academic concerns, or personal issues. We also provide classroom guidance lessons on pertinent topics throughout the year, see all students for "minute meetings" to get to know them, and hold conferences about grades.